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The prices that are published on our website include V.A.T.
In the event of invoice requests, the customer’s information found on the reservation will be used for the services received and will be sent by mail to be paid by the addressee. Parallel to our payment policy on our website, some vehicles or Tour payments are made through advance payments only.
There may be inconsistencies or faults in some matters including the information, software, products and services as well as prices that are emitted on this Website. Particularly, co-branded and/or associated website business partners that promote travel products and services do not guarantee accuracy of the information and definitions given by suppliers and business partners for the products offered on this Website and decline the responsibility originating from all errors and inconsistencies relating to such (price, photographs, overall product definitions, etc). In addition, we have the right to correct all price mistakes and/or unconfirmed reservations which are made based on a wrong rate. In such a case, you will have the opportunity to have your unconfirmed reservations made with the correct rate or your reservation shall be cancelled without being fined. Our suppliers and business partners have the right to further and/or make changes on all kinds of information regarding the product they want, on this Website. KYS Travel has the right to amend the conditions at any time.